You have worked hard to get where you are and over the years, you will amass many assets and set goals for yourself including financial, lifestyle and social.

That is the key reason why you take out insurance – to serve as a safe guard of your assets and lifestyle against the financial liabilities that can come from an insurable loss.



Covers include, but are not limited to


For most people, their home is the largest financial investment they will ever make and for that reason it is important to protect this precious asset against accidental loss or damage. Homeowners’ insurance includes cover for walls, paving, fixtures and fittings, and will provide for unforeseen repairs when you experience loss or damage to your home due to theft, fire, storm, flood, water leakage, accidental or malicious damage.

Household contents insurance is important to ensure protection against loss or damage to household goods and personal effects while inside the house against fire, lightning, explosion, malicious damage, earthquake, water damage and the specified perils including theft and accidental damage. Our aim is to source comprehensive insurance so you will be able to replace all your household goods at current replacement values as soon as possible to ensure minimal inconvenience.

Some possessions are worth far more than their replacement cost. These items may have sentimental value or it may be prized possessions that you have worked very hard to be able to  afford. These items need to be insured against loss or damage if used outside of the home or exceed the sub limit in the policy wording under contents. Personal all risk insurance includes cover for items like clothing, jewellery, spectacles, sunglasses, sporting equipment, radios, cell phones, iPads, iPods, MP3s, laptops, software, video cameras, photography equipment and the contents of a caravan on an “all risks basis” while away from the premises.

Accidents happen every day. You could be held responsible for a tragic accident or loss. Personal liability insurance is necessary for when you are held responsible for the accidental loss or damage of property, or the accidental injury or death of another person. This insurance product will provide
cover for claims made against you by third parties.

*Note that the descriptions contained herein are not exhaustive, are subject to the product supplier’s terms and conditions and, in addition, may vary depending on the needs of each client.

Personal accident insurance provides cover for people who usually reside with you against the results of an accident such as disability or death. This type of insurance will take care of you and your family in the case of such an unforeseen eventuality.

Motor insurance is an absolute necessity in today’s world of theft, high accident rates on the country’s highways, hijacking and increasing weather perils. This type of insurance provides cover for vehicles, trailers, caravans or motorcycles used for personal use against loss or accidental damage caused including theft, hijacking or lost keys.

If you are passionate about leisure time on the water, you will need good insurance products for your yacht, motorboat, jet-ski, rubber duck, etc. Pleasure craft insurance is specifically designed to meet the needs of watercraft owners. It provides cover against damage, theft and third party liability.

Over the last few years, it has become necessary to protect your belongings and assets against the onslaught and results of rioting, strike or public disorder. Sasria insurance is a specialised product that provides cover for loss or damage in the case of such an occurrence.