Business Insurance helps protect your business from a variety of risks such as damage to your premises, injuries to your employees, business interruption resulting in lost revenue, or other vulnerabilities that are out of your business’s control.

We cover businesses, sectional titles and property assets, and our dedicated corporate offering is ideal if you are a large corporate with significant business risk.


Covers include, but are not limited to


Damage caused by fire, lightning, explosions, storm, wind, water, hail, snow and other hazards can result in major damage to your business. A fire and allied perils insurance policy will provide cover for company property and goods owned or insured by you including plant machinery, fittings and fixtures plus tenant improvements.

It can be difficult to recover from major unforeseen events. Business interruptions insurance, also known as loss of profits cover, will cover you in event of loss of income following a disaster. The fire, office contents, buildings combined or any other material damage section covering the interest of the insured triggers the profits plus standing charges.

Embezzlement and theft by employees can leave your business vulnerable to losses and legally liable for their fraudulent activities. Fidelity guarantee insurance indemnifies the insured (the employer) for loss of property or money affected because of dishonesty, fraud or theft by an employee in the duty of their employment.

A business needs cover against any accident or incident occurring while it is operational. Liability may arise because of illness, injury or death of a person, or due to loss or damage to tangible property in connection with the business. This type of policy provides cover for legal defense costs resulting from legal action brought against any of your employees or yourself as the business owner.

Accidents can happen at your business premises on any given day. Accidental physical loss of, or damage to your property can potentially harm business operations or even your bottom line. Accidental damage insurance is the product that will provide adequate business cover for accidental damage and for property not more specifically insured.

Electronic equipment such as computers, laptops and so forth is important for the successful and efficient operation of most businesses. Electronic equipment insurance covers physical loss or damage caused to any electronic equipment used in business operations due to power surge or lightning, theft or accidental damage. It also covers such equipment in transit or while being stored at any premises on route, for a limited period.

If your business issues credit to clients, you will need accounts receivable insurance. It will protect your business against the possibility of loss or damage to your accounting records at your premises, which may render your business unable to trace outstanding debt balances owing to you. Unpaid debt because of lost records of accounting is covered by this insurance.

Damage caused by fire, lightning, explosions, storm, wind, water, hail, snow and other hazards to buildings including all outbuildings, landlord fixtures and fittings, walls, gates, paved road and parking areas is covered by this type of policy. It includes accidental damage and theft up to 25% and loss of rent.

Business all risk insurance doesn’t just include cover for when you are operating from your premises but also when you are anywhere else in the world. If you often travel for business, you can rest assured that your business goods are comprehensively covered.

Robbery, burglary or larceny accompanied by forcible or violent entry into, or exit from, your premises plus the resultant damage is covered by theft insurance. Cover for loss of, or damage to all contents of any insured building at your premises described in the schedule is on a first loss basis (average does not apply).

This policy covers loss of money, both at your premises and in transit (to and from the bank). Money stored in a safe at night is covered under this policy but it depends on the safety rating of your safe.

As an incredibly vulnerable substance, glass is prone to accidental damage or breakage. It is worthwhile insuring against any loss or damage to internal and/or external glass, including sign writing.

Transporting goods in South Africa exposes your business to the risk of lost or damaged goods due to theft, hijacking, accidents, fire or another related event. Local goods in transit insurance will ensure that you can recover this loss without it affecting your business detrimentally.

During the course of their employment, your employees are your responsibility. Personal accidental insurance for businesses provides cover for any accidental bodily injury for all specified employees of the business.

This type of policy provides cover for passenger vehicles, light delivery vehicles or motorcycles used for the purpose of pleasure, or professional or business use against loss or accidental damage including theft, hijacking or lost keys. Damage to any specified vehicle plus its spare parts and accessories is included. It also includes third party liability.

Motor Traders Insurance offers an internal risk policy (while on the business premises) and an external risk policy (in the course of a journey outside of the business premises); both options include third party liability.

Valuable office contents need to be insured against theft and damage to documents due to fire, storm, water and other related perils; it includes theft and loss of rent up to 25% of the insured amount. This type of insurance excludes computer equipment.

Loss of or damage to business property as a result of rioting, strikes or any public disorder is coveredby Sasria insurance.

Body corporates need to have adequate insurance to protect against theft, damage to boundary walls, entrance gates, security systems, gate motors and irrigation systems. This insurance also includes buildings and common property for the replacement of each owner’s section.

This provides cover for trustees for when they become legally liable because of any wrongful act, error, misstatement, act or omission, neglect or breach of duty committed; attempted or allegedly made. It covers trustees currently serving on a body corporate.