Risk Sure Insurance Brokers aims to identify that a specialised business requires various solutions specified to meet the complexity of your organisation.

Our expertise, together with our insurance partners will tailor make your product in order for you to receive maximum sustainability and future success.


Covers include, but are not limited to


With extensive experience in the truck and motor fleet insurance market, Risk Sure Insurance Brokers offers comprehensive insurance cover for commercial vehicles, light delivery vehicles, special type vehicles including tractors, fork lift trucks, commercial trailers and semi-trailers and busses. Other covers include goods in transit, public liability, passenger and third party liability, loss of use, excess reducer, credit shortfall and personal accident cover.

Construction is more than just buildings. It demands that many people from very different disciplines work together with one shared idea. The rights and obligations of all the parties involved are measured against a contract, under which risk, responsibilities and rights are allocated between the various parties. At Aon, we aid our clients to identify contractual risks as well as which of the risk is insurable. Aon is able to provide a risk bearing capacity analysis, including project process model, understanding regulation and compliance issues, environmental and third party property issues.

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance offers you indemnity, protection and repair, delivery after repair, as well as medical expenses and trauma cover. Our insurers cover hotel expenses should you be stranded. Theft and hijack cover is included in the comprehensive package. Unless otherwise specified, we cover motorcycles at retail value.

All-encompassing insurance solution for all fuel station operators. This commercially based insurance solution has tailored benefits that cover fatal injury to employees, damage to landscaped gardens, accidental chilled or refrigerated stock, fuel leakage, fuel contamination, fraudulent use of credit cards, contamination and pollution and the incorrect dispensing of fuel into customer’s vehicles.

In spite of challenges, including the change in visa regulations in South Africa, the sector has significant potential to uplift inclusive economic growth across the continent. Our Insurer offers customised solutions for the hospitality and leisure industry which include a comprehensive range of adaptable solutions that are able to meet the demands of the ever-changing hospitality industry.

Every organisation that has a network, online presence and holds or accesses confidential data is at risk for a cyber-breach or attack. The very nature of the internet means that cyber criminals from anywhere in the world can direct their attention to specific targets. In an increasingly punitive legal and regulatory environment, and in the face of more frequent contractual insurance requirements specifying cyber liability, forward-thinking companies are taking proactive steps to explore and transfer their cyber risk.

  • Contractors All Risk
    This specialist insurance product provides cover against damage to, or loss of tools, materials and building works during the course of construction at a contract site. In addition, contractors all risk insurance includes cover for accidental or malicious damage or theft at a contract site, fixed and unfixed materials, tools and work in progress including surrounding property damage.
  • Erection All Risks
    Erection and installation works is a hazardous business. The installation and testing of machinery, plant and steel structures may result in costly damage. Erection all risks insurance provides cover for a broad range of risks associated with this industry. Contractors, consulting engineers, architects and those in related professions will benefit from this product as it offers protection against unforeseen and costly accidents.
  • Plant All Risks
    Construction sites are dangerous places; to protect your business against any loss of, or damage to machinery, plant and equipment used in civil and construction works, this highly specialised product provides for eventualities like mechanical failure, breakdown, depreciation’s, wear and tear, etc.
  • Third Party Liability
    A contractor’s site constitutes an unsafe environment, not safe for members of the public. However, either the public often enter these locations by necessity or by mistake which exposes them to risk of injury or even loss of life. Third party liability will protect the contractor from the disastrous effects of legal action due to injury or death at a contractor’s site.
  • Hull or Small Craft Cover
    Marine equipment and machinery are high-value assets for which comprehensive insurance is necessary. Hull Insurance includes cover for loss of, or damage to vessels as well as passenger and third party liability owing to negligence.
  • Sea Going Vessels or Freight Cover
    Importers and distributors need hull insurance for sea going vessels. It covers marine cargo in transit including inland transportation. In addition, it includes cover for freights carried to and from locations abroad via land, air or sea.
  • Domestic Marine
    Domestic marine insurance is intended for personal domestic policy holders in the event that they need to move goods from one house to another.

Our Insurers consistently provided the best & most innovative goods in transit insurance cover to the South African transport industry from small & medium sized enterprises, to large corporates.

  • All risks goods in transit cover for transport companies
    Insuring transport companies for any loss & damage caused to their customer’s goods.
  • Contingent goods in transit cover for transport brokers
    Insuring any non-payment or shortfall in claim amount from a subcontractor.
  • Owner of goods cover
    Insuring goods whether transported by own vehicles, transport companies, rail or airfreight.
  • Excess buyback cover
    Insuring the excess amount under any Senate policy, or under any other goods in transit policy.
  • Cash in transit cover
    Insuring both cash in transit security companies, or the Insured’s own cash whilst in transit.
    We are also able to tailor practical insurance cover solutions to any individual requirements.

Aviation insurance provides cover for a broad range of corporate, private or commercial aircraft owners. It includes cover for both fixed and rotor wing aircraft.

This speciality insurance covers your event, exhibition, equipment, film or commercial or even that almost impossible prize that may just be won. With the implementation of the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act 2 of 2010, event planners, conference organisers and business owners face a tough regulatory environment. In addition, with greater uncertainty and personal risk in virtually all dimensions of their business, it emphasis’s the importance of expert risk management and specialist underwriting.

The last thing you want to worry about while travelling is losing your belongings, delayed flights or medical expenses. For your peace of mind, ensure that you have adequate travel cover so you are prepared for unforeseen circumstances that may potentially spoil your holiday. Travel insurance includes cover for personal accident and liabilities, medical and dental expenses, loss of personal belongings, travel delays and cancellations.

Professional indemnity insurance, often referred to as PI insurance, covers legal costs and expenses sustained in your defence, as well as any damages or costs that may be granted, if you are alleged to have given inadequate advice, services or designs that cause your client to lose financially.

  • Excess Reducer Products
  • Niche Products
    * Mechanical Breakdown Towing – (HCV’s, Trailers, Buses, LDV’s, Commercial Vehicles, PMV’s & Plant)
    * Loss of Use Cover – (HCV’s, Trailers, Buses, Commercial Vehicles, LDV’s & PMV’s)
    * Credit Shortfall Cover – (HCV’s, Trailers, Buses, LDV’s, Commercial Vehicles, PMV’s & Plant)
    * Cross Border Towing & Recovery – (HCV’s, Trailers, Buses, LDV’s, Commercial Vehicles, PMV’s & Plant)
    * Tyre Cover – (LDV’s, Commercial Vehicles, PMV’s & Plant)
    * Scratch & Dent Cover – (Commercial Vehicles & PMV’s)
  • Non-Motor Excess Reducers
  • Insures any Non-Motor excess which is payable in terms of the Underlying Insurance Policy
  • Commercial Lines sections that we can provide Excess Reducer cover on: Fire, Buildings Combined, Office contents, Electronic Equipment, Business Interruption, Accounts Receivable, Theft, Money, Glass, Fidelity, Goods in Transit, Business All Risks, Accidental Damage
  • Personal Lines sections that we can provide Excess Reducer cover on: House owners (Buildings), Householders (Contents) & All Risks
  • Comprehensive Products
  • Comprehensive Windscreen Cover – (HCV’s, Buses, Commercial Vehicles, LDV’s, PMV’s & Plant)

This policy insures vehicles against depreciation in the event that it is stolen or written off and automatically includes credit shortfall (free of charge) for financed vehicles. We all know that our vehicles value depreciates over time and that in the event of a total loss (accident, theft or hijack) it can be difficult replacing your vehicle suitably. For a minimal premium, you can now have peace of mind that your vehicle’s depreciating value will no longer be an issue, thanks to the innovative IVP policy.

Use of the car hire benefit in the event of your vehicle being stolen or damaged

Emergency household repairs 24/7

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Glass
  • Locksmiths

Emergency roadside assistance 24/7

  • Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown
  • Jumpstart service
  • Assistance when keys are locked inside the vehicle
  • Changing tyres on roadside and non roadside locations
  • If you run out of fuel, 10lt of fuel will be supplied